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Spacer3 Kicks Art Studio: Silent Art Auction Fundraiser

3 Kicks Art Studio: Silent Art Auction Fundraiser

3 Kicks Art Studio: Silent Art Auction Fundraiser
March 18, 2017

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Nucleus is hosting a silent art auction with several artists on March 18th 2017.  All proceeds will benefit Charles Hu’s wife, Carrie, who is suffering from Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE), a very rare childbirth emergency (1/80,000 births). Carrie had suffered a series of strokes that will affect her speech, vision, and hand-eye coordination which the doctors believe can be re-learned over long-term physical therapy and intensive treatment.  While they are optimistic that she will eventually make a recovery, they are expecting a long road to rehabilitation which will prevent her from getting back to her normal life and providing for her family in the coming years.

Bidding info can be found here:

Please join us in donating to this positive cause by bidding on some amazing art by some amazing artists:

Albert Chow
Amy Yung
Andrea Adams
Andrew Hem
April Connors
Arthur Loftis
Bill Perkins
Charles Hu
Dan McCaw
Danny McCaw
Ed Li
Edgar Silva
Greg Smith
James Paick
Joe Rubinstein
John McCaw
Joseph Gergers
Joseph Todorovitch
Jui Hsieh
Kevin Chen
Lin Hua Zheng
Matt Smith
Mian Situ
Nathan Fowkes
Richard Morris
Ron Velasco
Sean Cheetham
Steve Huston
Sunny Apinchapong
Tim Tien