William Stout's "All Creatures Great and Small"

Click the image above for a larger view.

The artist's largest mural to date, William Stout's "All Creatures Great and Small" (pictured above) resides at the San Diego Natural History Museum and measures in at a staggering 14'H x 34'W featuring a collection of sea life from 2 millon years ago congregating about a fish bait ball in San Diego's Pliocene Bay.  The key figure being a newly discovered prehistoric relative of a fin whale (depicted at half it's believed size) bellowing in to garner most of the prize feast.

The project began with preliminary pencil drawings presented to the SDNHM and eventually a quarter-scale oil painting (measuring 42"H x 102" - which is almost a mural in itself) before proceeding with the finished work in all of its captivating beauty.  The bait ball itself took approximately a week to complete as the artist painstakingly rendered each sardine, anchovy, and herring with intricate detail.

For the first time, the quarter-scale of this masterwork will be on display for the viewing public.

Join us Saturday, June 27 (today) from 2 to 6 for a special presentation from the artist William Stout as he covers many aspects of his career from cinema promotion, film and concept design, paleoart, and much much (much) more.  The artist will also be signing his book "Prehistoric Life Murals".

The exhibit at Nucleus will feature two quarter-scale murals (including the one above) as well as several other works from the Prehistoric and Antarctica projects for which the well-respected artist is known.  We hope that you'll join us for this exciting all-ages event.  For more details click here



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