Street Fighter-Inspired Painting Workshop

In April, Gallery Nucleus presented Jab Strong Fierce. Thanks to all of the Street Fighter fans, it was a great success.

Now Nucleus will be hosting a Street Fighter-themed, Photoshop Painting Demo featuring the talented Khang Le and Anthony Francisco on Sunday, June 28 (6 - 10pm)

• Both artists will get suggestions from the audience on what to paint based on the theme of: A New Street Fighter Level and Character
• Attendees will be able to ask the artists questions
• Their progress will be projected on the wall for viewers to see
• If you have never seen these two guys paint, it is highly inspiring and entertaining whether you are an artist yourself or an avid fan.  It's almost magical.

Seats are limited.  Save $20 by registering before June 24.

Purchase tickets in-person or online here

Samples of Khang Le's work (artist's site):

Samples of Anthony Francisco's work (artist's blog):



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